Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weird visions at Wizard World

Saw a lot of strange things at last week's big Wizard World extravaganza in Chicago*, but nothing quite as strange as this:

If you happened to be staying at the luxurious (and very French) Hotel Sofitel, you might have seen it, too. That image was on one of the cable channels for the entire weekend, never moving a muscle. With the cheery face of "Butterwad" (well, that's what we decided to call him) staring out at us, we heard audio from shows about wolves feeding their young half-digested rats, how the placenta exits the birth canal, a drill sergeant yelling at his troops and much, much more.

Long after the memories of the con itself fade, long after visions of the Jim Lee autograph line, the V FOR VENDETTA trailer (playing endlessly at the DC booth) and the guy dressed as Manos, the Hands of Fate, the vision of Butterwad will linger in my brain. Damn you, Butterwad! Damn you to hell!

(I've learned, by the way, that this character is actually named "Clay," and he appears during cartoons on the Disney Channel. But he'll always be Butterwad to me.)

* Actually, it's in Rosemont. And yes, there's a big difference.


Poor_Statue said...

I know where I'm staying next time. That's great! I laughed so hard!

rob Villalpando said...

butterwad, indeed!
if you really want to watch some creepy children's television, check out "lazy town" on nickelodeon. it's the brainchild of an aerobics champion from Iceland who plays the exercise-obsessed superhero of the show. the villain kind of looks like a satanic max headroom.

Anonymous said...

Dude, How can you NOT know Clay?

Then again, I have a 3-year-old. We watch a lot of kids TV. Nevermind! ;-)

sarask48fegibson said...
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jennie said...

rob, "lazy town" is indeed wacky. syd loves it. and i think robbie the villian is something like the peculiar purple pieman of porcupine peak (strawberry shortcake).

will, get that stupid stock quote off here. people are ruining the blog world w/their spam!

Will Pfeifer said...

It's deleted! Goddam spam!