Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buy my comics, make me rich: CATWOMAN #76 and CATWOMAN DIES

This week, on your trip to the comic book shop, don't forget that there are two -- count 'em, two -- CATWOMAN items vying for your hard earned dollar.

The first is CATWOMAN #76, which continues the SALVATION RUN-related tale of Selina stuck on an alien world with every maniac in the DCU. As this issue begins, Selina's apparently made it back home to Earth, but that word "apparently" is the key, because the question is just which Earth she might be on. Things aren't always what they seem, you know. If you want a sneak peek at the issue (and you want to see Selina kick Batman's ass), point your browser here and check out the first few pages on Newsarama. As always, David and Alvaro Lopez handle the art chores and do a top-notch job.

The second item is the latest CATWOMAN trade, CATWOMAN DIES. Nice title, eh? Obviously, since there's an issue with a perfectly alive-and-healthy Catwoman hitting the stands the same day that title is a bit of a misnomer, but I meant it as sort of a metaphorical death, you know? One end leading to a new beginning? That sort of thing? Regardless, the book collects issues 66 through 72, winding up on maybe my favorite single issue in my whole run. Just look for it under that striking rojo cover by the always-great Adam Hughes.


Alton said...


While I hate you being forced into an editorial mandated Salvation Run storyline (like Amazon Attacks) you still write a great and interesting Salina story. I loved Salina's sister as the alternate time line's Catwoman.

Please hurry and bring Catwoman "home" and get back into some East End Catwoman tales.

The starting and stopping between these DC crossovers is killing me.



Anonymous said...

I know you'll try your best, but please make Blue Beetle good. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow. fantastic issue. please keep em coming cant wait for the next month.

Anonymous said...

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Robert Ullman said...

I keep reading that post title as "Buy My Comics and CATWOMAN DIES!"

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